Urban Challengers’ story: Team Protiviti

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Staff in the London offices of global company Protiviti are getting competitive for the Cancer Centre by taking on Guy’s Urban Challenge!

The event takes place at Guy’s Hospital, just a stone’s throw from the company’s head office in The Shard. The challenge is made up of three energetic elements: a 2.4km run, a 15km cycle, and a 29-floor stair climb of the world’s tallest hospital building, Guy’s Tower – that’s 628 steps!

Alex from Protiviti tells us a bit about why the company is keen to support the Cancer Centre.

Supporting both cancer research and palliative care

‘Cancer has impacted so many people in Protiviti, both directly and indirectly. We want to provide the opportunity for our employees to support a hospital that is working both on the research side and the palliative care side, providing a better quality of life for cancer sufferers now and in the future.

‘We’ve recently moved into our offices in The Shard, which, of course, neighbours the hospital. Protiviti wanted to do something for the community we’ve moved into, and the hospital seemed the perfect choice.

'We have a large group of individuals who are into sport outside of the office, so Protiviti has a history of doing sporting events for charity. This drives us to seek these events out so that we can put our staff’s passions to good use!

'There are quite a few individuals who will be competitive – the most competition will probably be between the teams in the company. Our Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance and IT teams all have several participants entering. No doubt the team with the best time will be gloating for a while!

'Protiviti participants are mainly fundraising through family, friends and personal contacts. We do have a few office initiatives running though – perhaps the most unusual is the Jargon Jar. Anytime someone in the office is heard saying something that could be construed as office jargon or ‘corporate talk’, they owe £1 to the Jargon Jar. A trend emerged relatively quickly as to who would be paying the most!’

We can’t wait to cheer on the teams from Protiviti on 30 September and 1 October! Come along and cheer them on, or show your support by donating here.

If you’d like to take on Guy’s Urban Challenge alongside this competitive bunch, you can sign up here!