Urban Challenger’s story: Sue Coates

11.10.17 Categories: Patient stories, Supporter stories,

Sue Coates successfully completed Guy’s Urban Challenge 2017 and raised £455 in memory of her dad Brian, who was diagnosed with inoperable advanced bladder cancer. 

Sue Coates took part in Guy’s Urban Challenge for the second consecutive year to thank Guy's for the care, support and treatment her dad received there.

Sue said: ‘My dad Brian was diagnosed with inoperable advanced bladder cancer that had spread to his lymph nodes in August 2016 and given a very poor prognosis but responded beyond anything we could have hoped for to palliative chemotherapy and we were able to have a further 10 months with him before he sadly passed away in June 2017.

Sue with her father
Sue with her father

‘We are all so grateful for the amazing care he received from both Oncology and Urology at Guy’s and that he was able to benefit from the incredible facilities at the new Cancer Centre.’

Inspired by Sue Coates story? You can take on your own challenge to support Guy’s and St Thomas’.