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Collection tins

Collection tins

Collection tins in your ward or work place

Fundraising for Guy's and St Thomas' couldn’t be easier! If you want to support your hospital but are short of time, collection tins are a great way to get started. Our secure collection tins can be placed anywhere and allow people to donate their small change to make a big difference.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Request a collection tin by completing this form or emailing
  2. We’ll send you your collection tin. All you need to do is place it on your counter or in your staff room and let the money roll in
  3. When your collection tin is full get in touch on 020 7848 4701 or email so we can help you return the money you’ve raised safely.

Small change, big difference!

The Women’s Ultrasound Unit at St Thomas’ have held a collection tin for less than a year and in that short time have raised a staggering total of over £1,400. Having a collection tin on the ward allows patients to give back in a small way to help us provide the very best care to patients.

Marks and Spencer at St Thomas’ also raised £730 last year from collection tins on their tills.

Get your tin now and raise money for Guy's and St. Thomas'.