Guides and forms

From planning your fundraising activity to paying in your donations, we’ve got all of the information you’ll need, no matter your fundraising activity.

Fundraising guide

A comprehensive guide which includes everything you need to know about fundraising. 

Full of tips and tricks and advice, from deciding what activity you’d like to take on, to ensuring you smash your fundraising target.


Sponsorship form

An easy printable form to help you collect donations and hit your fundraising target.


Paying in your fundraising

Whether you’ve raised funds through an online fundraising page, such as JustGiving, or you’ve collected cash donations. This guide has everything you need to know to ensure your funds get to the right place.

Download Guy's Cancer version

Donation form

If you’re paying in cash donations, complete this form to ensure your funds get to the right place and we can link the fundraising total to you.

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Return slip for fundraising buckets & tins

If you’ve borrowed a fundraising bucket or tin and want to return it to us, fill out this form and follow the instructions to get the borrowed items back to us safely and securely.

Download Download in Word Guy's Cancer version (PDF) Guy's Cancer version (Word)

Do you need anything else?

We’ve got more resources and fundraising materials that we can send out to you too! Email us below and we'll get in touch