Liège to London: riding for Guy’s Cancer

A mammoth 300-mile, 3-day cycle from the Belgian city of Liège to the Cancer Centre at Guy's, London

What is the Liège to London bike ride?

The Liège to London Bike Ride is a 300-mile, three-day cycle from the Belgian City of Liège to the Cancer Centre at Guy’s, London, between 19 - 21 September 2019.

It is the brainchild of cancer survivor Gary Saunders, who participated in a previous fundraising cycle challenge from Land’s End to London in 2016.

This time, the road is even longer. The ride is both a celebration of survivorship and an opportunity to raise funds for vital research and treatment. Monies raised will help more people who are diagnosed with urological cancers such as prostate, testicular, kidney and bladder cancer.

Who will be cycling from Liège to London?

An 18-strong team, including cancer survivors, dedicated cancer professionals, friends and family, will ride together on a physically demanding route through rural and urban landscapes across two countries.

Gary will be joined by prostate cancer survivor, now King’s College London researcher Dr Mark Ashworth. They will also be joined by teammates Dr Simon Hughes and Dr Deborah Enting, both of whom are dedicated clinicians, as well as committed fundraisers for Guy’s Cancer.

Why are the riders taking part in Liège to London?

Each rider has a different story to tell, for some, it’s personal, for others it's professional and in some cases, both. Although each individual’s motivation is different, they share a common goal: to raise funds to develop vital research for the urology centre at Guy’s Cancer.

What will the money fund?

The money raised from Liège to London will fund further scientific research and clinical treatment in relation to urological cancers including developing immunotherapy. This is a type of treatment that involves taking medicines that encourage the immune system to fight cancer, infections, and other diseases.

In urology, it is effective for kidney, bladder and prostate cancers. But not all patients respond to this type of treatment, so Guy’s Cancer researchers will look at finding ways of predicting who will respond to immunotherapy, find new related treatment options for patients who do not currently respond, and enhance immunotherapy responses while reducing side effects.

Another research project will investigate whether directing chemotherapy to the bladder can reduce the number of patients developing bladder cancer after receiving treatment for a similar cancer in the kidney.

How can I support Liège to London?

Follow the action and spread the word here @SupportGSTT #Liege2London and #GuysCancer.

You can also donate here to support the riders’ journey to raise funds for Guy’s Cancer.

Watch them in action

A team of 18 valiant cyclists took on the Liège to London Bike Ride, covering a mammoth 300 miles in three days, to raise money for the Cancer Centre at Guy’s. Watch them in action.

Meet some of the riders

  • Gary Saunders

    Having survived cancer, Gary Saunders was inspired to set up the Liège to London Bike Ride, a 300-mile cycle ride featuring a team of cancer survivors and clinical staff, all to raise money for Guy’s Cancer.

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  • Mark Ashworth

    The former GP, prostate cancer survivor and now King’s College London researcher, explains how he is combining his love of cycling with his passion for innovative medical research as he prepares for the Liège to London Bike Ride.

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  • Deborah Enting

    Deborah Enting is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Cancer Centre at Guy’s, specialising in the treatment of urological cancers. She also has an interest in research and is collaborating on studies to understand the immune system’s involvement in bladder cancer.

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  • Simon Hughes

    Simon Hughes is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Cancer Centre at Guy’s, where he treats patients with urological cancers. He is actively involved in clinical research, developing new radiation-based treatments, and has a passion for medical education.

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