Support Tom’s research into ruling out heart attacks earlier

Dr Tom Kaier, St Thomas’ Hospital, will be attempting the Coeur Blanc Challenge 2018 – to ski 52 lifts in a single day – a descent of 15,000 metres!

Two clinicians stood outside Guy's hospital in London Bridge
Dr Tom Kaier (left) and Prof Mike Marber

He is taking this on to raise funds for research into cMyC, a new blood test that could potentially rule out a heart attack in under 20 minutes.

This pioneering test could save the NHS millions of pounds each year by freeing up beds and allowing patients with chest pain who are well to be sent home. This could help to reduce waiting times in A&E departments throughout the UK.

The blood test is technically easier to measure than the standard test, and the team should be able to test reliably for cMyC using a handheld device at the patient's bedside. However, the expertise for this development is scarce and requires huge resource.

Dr Tom says, 'It is important for both patients and doctors to work out early who has had a heart attack and who hasn’t. We often see patients in hospital who have to stay for further tests as a result of a mildly abnormal blood test – this is stressful and often unnecessary.

'Our research shows that the new test has the potential to reassure many thousands more patients with a single test, improving their experience and freeing up valuable hospital beds.'

Tom and his team have won support from Coeur Blanc, an event established in 2008, to raise funding for charities. The money raised by the team will enable them to create a prototype and buy devices to use in testing.

All donations will go Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity with any expenses associated with the event, including costs for the ski challenge, being covered by the participants.

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