On the front line: Sharan’s story

Sharan Bumbra has been working as a dental nurse at Guy’s hospital for five years, but when the coronavirus pandemic struck she answered the call to support colleagues in renal care. This is her coronavirus story.

Pressure of being redeployed

The pressure of being redeployed from Dental to Renal was intense, as Sharan explains:

“Everyone was worried, panicked, and anxious. However, I kept myself positive and just thought about the people I would be helping.
“It was extremely busy and stressful, but with the support of my colleagues, we all felt a bit happier.”

Staff wellbeing zones are supporting good mental health

Thanks to donations from our supporters, Guy’s and St Thomas’ has set up wellbeing zones and specialist psychological support. This is helping staff to cope with the mental and emotional challenges they face, as Sharan discovered:

“Being able to visit one of the wellbeing zones and have some relaxation time has helped massively – especially mentally. It is nice to be able to sit and read a magazine, have a cup of tea and even get a nice massage.

“The support has been incredible. While I was redeployed, the wellbeing zone was a good place to get away and reflect, as there wasn’t much time to do this at home due to the long shifts and my family worrying about being too close to me. This was probably the hardest for me, along with some of the things I witnessed.

“The wellbeing zones are homely, wonderful places for us all to have a bit of ‘me time’.”

Taking a weight off our NHS workers’ shoulders

Sharan is extremely thankful for the generosity of our donors:

“I cannot express how grateful we all are for the donations we have received. They have taken a lot of weight off our shoulders.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated to Guy’s and St Thomas’. You have made a huge impact on our lives and kept us positive when we needed it the most.”

Keep our NHS workers going

Many staff are still being redeployed, and any donation you make today will help to keep this vital wellbeing support going so they can cope with the added demands. This includes:

  • Making the wellbeing zones, which have been such a lifeline for staff, permanent across our hospitals.
  • Offering a comprehensive psychological and spiritual support package, designed to meet the needs of the diverse workforce. This will aid ongoing and long-term trauma recovery.
  • Ensuring that, at whatever time of day staff may be working, they have access to complimentary coffee, tea and healthy snacks to help them recharge, boost morale, and feel valued and appreciated.