Rapid Researchers back for another urban challenge

The dedicated team of cancer researchers at Guy's are back to take on another challenge!

A team of ten people in athletic gear, looking through a cardboard cut out window and smiling at the camera
Guy's very own Rapid Researchers Team, ready to take on the Guy's Urban Challenge

Last year, a dedicated team of cancer researchers at Guy’s were among 250 people who took part in the 2017 Guy's Urban Challenge. But research never ends and they returned to take on this year's challenge!

Dubbed the Rapid Researchers, this team will be raising funds for the Cancer Centre at Guy’s for the fourth year running, which provides exceptional care in an exceptional environment.

Guy’s Urban Challenge is a special event that starts with a 2.4km run, followed by a 15km cycle and then a gruelling 29-floor stair climb of Guy’s Tower, the tallest hospital tower in Europe.

Mieke Van Hemelrijck, Academic Lead of TOUR and one of the members of the Rapid Researchers says:

'As a researcher it is important to be engaged with the patient and clinical community. It keeps our team motivated and helps it understand the potential impact of our work. A great team-building activity that benefits the patients in the long run.'

The team are splitting the challenge between them, with five doing the run, five cyclists hitting the bikes and the final five taking on the stairs. We can’t wait to cheer them on!

This year they’ve upped their target to £3,000 and they plan on holding raffles and bake sales to reach it.

‘Through research, our team are dedicated to improving the quality and quantity of life for our urological cancer patients. This is our chance to give back to Guy’s cancer patients who support our research.’

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Rapid Researchers - Guy's Urban Challenge 2017

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