Peter's special gift

Peter Pomfret has been a patient at Guy’s and St Thomas’ for over 15 years. He regards the hospital staff who look after him as friends, and he looks forward to his regular visits there. To show his appreciation, Peter has chosen to leave an incredible gift in his will to Guy’s and St Thomas’.

A man smiling at the camera with his nurse next to him
Peter and Teresa, nursing assistant, Haemostasis Thrombosis Outpatients Dept.

Peter's story

Peter has been treated for a number of ongoing conditions for many years. When he moved from Blackburn to London in 2005, he was transferred to Harrison Wing at St Thomas’ Hospital (now located at Guy’s Hospital), where he has been cared for ever since.

In 2016, Peter was diagnosed as having a hernia on his lung and underwent major surgery at Guy’s and St Thomas’ to have it removed. Not long afterwards, he was diagnosed with having deep vein thrombosis which he is also treated for at the hospital, as well as receiving treatment for a kidney condition.

‘The staff at Guy’s and St Thomas’ have saved my life, without a shadow of a doubt,’ says Peter. ‘You can see how much treatment I’ve had! It’s always on my mind how much it must cost to treat me.’

A choice that made sense

At one of his visits to the hospital, Peter saw a poster about fundraising.

‘I was wondering what I could do to raise money that wasn’t too active, due to my health issues,’ says Peter. ‘I realised it was time I updated my will, so I contacted the fundraising team and they helped me plan out how to donate money that way, using their Free Wills Service.’

The Free Wills Service offers the opportunity of having a simple will written, or a current will amended, by a qualified solicitor for free. There is no obligation for those using the service to leave a gift in their will to Guy’s and St Thomas’, although it is of course extremely gratefully received if the choice is made to do so.

In Peter’s case, he made the amazing decision to leave his entire estate to Guy’s and St Thomas’.

‘I have no family and I don’t see my friends very often, as they’re scattered around the world,’ says Peter. ‘So leaving this gift in my will to Guy’s and St Thomas’ made sense.’

Giving back

‘All the staff I’ve come across there are amazing. The team in Harrison Wing are ever so caring, you can confess your soul to them. From the receptionists to pharmacists, to nurses and doctors – whoever they are, the patient comes first.’

Peter now visits Harrison Wing every six months for check-ups and is also an outpatient in the thrombosis clinic and the kidney clinic.

‘My appointments were cancelled for a while because of coronavirus, and I missed seeing the staff. They’re like friends,’ says Peter. ‘It must have cost a huge amount to treat me over the years, so this is my way of giving back.’

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