From battling pain to the Great South Run

Katrina suffers from chronic pain syndrome through all of her spine which has led now to Peripheral Neuropathy (develops when nerves in the body's extremities – such as the hands, feet and arms – are damaged) of the feet.

Katrina shares her story on how the INPUT Pain Unit at St Thomas’ Hospital has given her a new lease of life and an ability to cope through her pain.

‘A few years ago I could barely walk and each day was a struggle. My life had seemed to stop and I relied on others to help care for me. Then I was referred to the Pain Team at St Thomas' and in turn was sent on the INPUT programme. After four weeks of what initially seemed like torture; I came out a different person and learnt to manage my pain and started living my life again.

‘I have gone back to volunteering, which I had given up many years ago, and now try and live each day with joy, friendship and opportunity to give back to the community.

‘I would like to raise money to fund some nice comfy chairs for the INPUT programme by running the Great South Run in October 2018. It doesn't seem like much but when you’re in so much pain, good seats are hard to find and can make all the difference!
‘Lastly, I’d like to show my appreciation to a great team of medical practitioners.’

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