Spotlight on… Gareth Parker

Not only is Gareth one of the many friendly faces you’re likely to see at Guy’s Cancer Centre, but he's also one of our fantastic Charity Champs.

Gareth Parker standing in the foyer of Guy's Cancer Centre in London
Meet Gareth

Gareth is one of the many friendly faces you’re likely to see at Guy’s Cancer Centre. He’s based in the radiotherapy department but is also often found working in the communal areas in his role as Charity Champion for Guy’s Cancer.

That’s because alongside being a fantastic staff member he’s also a dedicated fundraiser, volunteering at events and even bravely taking on Guy’s Urban Challenge. What an inspiration! Here, Gareth tells us more about his role at the hospital and why he loves it so much.

What is the name of your role?

'I am a radiotherapy clinical support team supervisor.'

Which part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ do you work in?

'I work in the radiotherapy department. I’m based in Guy’s Cancer Centre but sometimes I work in our satellite units at St Thomas’ and Sidcup.'

What does a typical day look like for you?

'A typical day starts with me preparing the patient areas. I then attend a morning huddle with staff from all villages in the Cancer Centre.'

'My team are then ready to assist our patients in any way we can, from helping to get a patient changed, to cleaning and redressing a patient’s wound, to arranging transport home.'

What do you enjoy most about your job?

'The most enjoyable part of my job is that every day brings new challenges, from meeting new patients and being their point of contact, to working with the radiotherapy team to help improve our service.'

Which part of your job is most challenging?

'One of the most challenging – but also rewarding – parts of my role is helping patients with mobility issues through their cancer journey.'

'We use a range of equipment to help us achieve this, including hoists and swivel stands.'

What is your favourite thing about Guy’s and St Thomas?

'The amazing people I work with at Guy’s and St Thomas’ make doing my job much easier. We have such a strong shared patient focus; I really enjoy being part of the team.'

What’s your proudest achievement in your career to date?

'Winning a Trust Award in recognition of the fundraising I do – it was a very nice surprise to have even been nominated and an even nicer one to win it. It’s lovely to have what we do validated in this way, but it’s also a great way to show to the wider Trust what staff fundraisers and Charity Champions do.

'Since winning the award I’ve had lots of conversations about being a Charity Champion and what that means. I was able to tell people how easy it is to get involved, thanks to the support that’s offered from the fundraising team.'

What do you like to do outside of work in your free time?

'I enjoy rock climbing and building Lego with my nephews.'

Name one thing that the patients might not know about you.

'I have three cats – they’re called Archie, Tolly and Toby.'

If you could only take one thing to a desert island, what would it be?

'I would take my Mum – she’s my rock and I would be lost without her.'

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