Walking 160 miles from North to South to say thank you!

Paul Le-Roy will be walking from his hometown of Cleethorpes to Guy’s and St Thomas’, to thank the team for the fantastic treatment his father-in-law John, received after collapsing and being diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA).

A studio shot photo of a man and woman smiling together

The death rate of AAA rupture can be as high as 90 percent, with 65 to 75 percent of patients dying before they arrive at the hospital and over 90 percent dying before they reach a hospital operating room. Against all these odds, and John’s heart stopping three times, doctors were able to restart it each time and save John’s life.

Aneurysm specialist on hand

Paul says, ‘John’s survival is a result of him being taken to Guy’s and St Thomas’. The hospital had an on-call surgeon consultant that specialised in aneurysms and this made a big difference to John’s chances of survival.’

After spending three weeks in intensive care, John was transferred back north to Cleethorpes to a local rehabilitation centre to regain his mobility. He is now doing incredibly well.

To thank the hospital for the remarkable treatment John received, Paul will be walking from his hometown of Cleethorpes to raise funds for St Thomas’.

This is no local stroll – the walk will be roughly 160 miles and will take approximately five days, with Paul clocking up 12-hour days of around 30 miles. Good luck Paul!

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