Chantler SaIL Centre supporting Guy’s Cancer

Staff at the Chantler Simulation and Interactive Learning (SaIL) Centre have been fundraising hard throughout summer 2018 to raise money for their neighbours, Guy’s Cancer.

David’s Urban Challenge

Following a successful bake sale and two staff members completing our Celebration Walk event in June, the next big one is the almighty Guy’s Urban Challenge.

David Easton is the challenger stepping up to the urban triathlon which takes place at Guy’s Hospital. He’s been inspired by working with medical students in his job.

‘We talk to lots of lecturers and students who are placed in hospitals throughout the NHS and hear some very inspiring first-hand accounts of people going the extra mile when treating patients,’ says David. ‘This motivates our team to support the students in their learning, but also to support the hospitals in getting the resources they need to help their patients and keep up the great work they already do.’

The unique event includes a run of 2.4km around Guy's Hospital, then spinning 15km on a state-of-the-art Wattbike, followed by climbing 29 floors to the top of Europe's tallest hospital building, Guy's Tower.

Guy’s Urban Challenge has happened on his workplace doorstep for the last three years, so David has a good idea of what awaits him – but he’s prepared!

‘I have watched people doing it before and it looks pretty tough – especially the stair section!’ he says. ‘But I’ve been trying not to take the lift at work and run up the stairs instead to build up my fitness a bit more.

‘I’ve seen a few videos of people completing the challenge at the top of Guy’s Tower and how happy they look when they finish, so I really want to experience that feeling of helping loads of people and also pushing myself physically.’

A variety of events

The SaIL Centre’s bake sale took place at the beginning of June and raised a fantastic £227 – a grand amount to kick-off with.

This was topped up when two of the SaIL Centre’s staff members, Courtney Woolgar and Amy Dines, took part in our Celebration Walk in June, for which they smashed their £200 fundraising target. The event is a picturesque walk along the Thames in which participants celebrate survivorship of cancer, or honour loved ones who have battled it.

‘We both feel that it’s very important to help support our local medical centres,’ says Courtney. ‘Everyone’s lives have been affected by cancer in some way, so it’s important we do our part in raising money for such a vital cause.’

An important role at Guy’s and St Thomas’

The Chantler SaIL Centre provides state-of-the-art training for medical students of King’s College London. Simulation in a safe setting using mannequins and specially designed wards and teaching rooms helps students hone their skills to expert level, preparing them for when they are working on the wards for real.

The teaching centre is on Guy’s Campus, just across the way from the Cancer Centre at Guy’s Hospital. And the SaIL Centre staff’s neighbourly support is hugely appreciated!

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