The Cancer Centre at Guy’s

Patient stories

Guy's cancer patients who have received world-class care at the hospital are backing Guy's Cancer Centre Appeal. Here are their stories.


lady in pink top'I've helped find better treatments'

In our new Cancer Centre, all our patients will be invited to take part in pioneering clinical trials, helping us discover better treatments and cures faster.

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portrait image of man'This is the best place for my treatment'

When we spoke to former cancer patients about building our new Cancer Centre, they told us to make the building feel less like a hospital, so we are introducing plenty of natural light and bright colours.

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alison.jpg'The new Cancer Centre will have a more holistic approach'

Alison, a retired teacher from south east London, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February 2013. She tells us about her journey and how she hopes the new Cancer Centre at Guy’s will improve the patient experience.

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man in shirt and glasses

‘Guy’s saved my life’

We’ve designed our new Cancer Centre so our radiotherapy service can provide life-changing and life-saving treatment to 90 extra people every day.

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'The doctors were fantastic'

Ben was treated for prostate cancer at Guy's and St Thomas' last year and had successful surgery to treat it.

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lady in black top

‘A friendly face means so much’

At our new Cancer Centre, patients and their families will be greeted by former patients, who will help ease their worries and answer any questions.

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mary.jpg'I rise to the challenge, I'm just determined'

Mary has been treated at Guy's for ovarian cancer for the past five years, taking part in clinical trials to manage the disease.

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lady portrait‘Gloomy days become brighter’

After talking to former patients, we’re making sure our new Cancer Centre feels friendly, relaxed and supportive, helping people get better quicker.

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'Different departments in one place will be a massive improvement'

Peter Woodley was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009. His treatment at Guy’s involved surgery during which his prostate was removed using keyhole surgery with robotic assistance.

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portrait image of man‘World-class support at every step’

In our new Cancer Centre, we’re putting all the treatments and services in one place to make the journey to recovery less stressful.

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graham-story-thumbnail.jpg'It was as if I was their only patient'

Graham was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. He tells us about his experience at Guy’s – and how grateful he is for his treatment

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‘Together we can target cancer’

Our new Cancer Centre will unite world-leading scientists and clinicians under one roof, all aiming to find the breakthrough treatments we urgently need.

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mamoona and her daughters'I really like the idea of having former patients there to greet you'

Mamoona is currently being treated at Guy’s for a rare form of cancer known as myeloma after being diagnosed in 2010.

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gordon'The new Cancer Centre will make a tremendous difference to patients'

Gordon was treated for skin cancer at Guy's and St Thomas' and is now leading a happy, healthy life.

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